Crane equipment factory CraneBuildAssembly is located in Vologda, state center of the Vologda region, and has been on market of cranes for more than 45 years, being one of the leading factories producing material-handling equipment in the north-western region and the only producer of gantry cranes in the Vologda region.

Крановый цех Кранстроймонтаж

The factory occupies about nine hectares and has at its disposal a number of proceedings: storage, mechanical, tool, welding and assembly. Experts of a factory make projects and create gantry and overhead cranes of different modification and steel constructions, provide installation, implementation, service and a rapid spare part supply.

Gantry crane production was implemented in 1972. Those were the first cranes K6B-type with load capacity of 10 tons. Load capacity had been increased up to 50 tons and the operating mode up to A6 due to adaptation new developments and improvement of technical features.

Technical level of outputs is provided thanks to continued cooperation with Moscow head institute of crane building Vniiptmash (All-union Scientific Research Institute of material-handling mechanical engineering); crane constructions are being developed continuously, technical features are being expanded and operating characteristics are being improved.

Кранстроймонтаж. Производство кранов

Nowadays, Crane equipment factory CraneBuildAssembly is specialized in producing a vast range of versions of gantry cranes with load capacity of 50 tons and length up to 32 meters.

Кранстроймонтаж. Производство кранов

Contemporary construction, high efficiency of cargo handling, simplicity in operation and maintenability are the main advantages of gantry and overhead cranes, that provides reliable function in different climatic zones in temperatures from 40 degrees below zero up to 40 degrees above zero.

Gentry and overhead cranes are fitted with the latest components and management systems, that is the guarantee of successful exploitation of products, depending on modes of operation from 15 to 25 years.

Material handling equipment , produced by the plant is in demand in the branches of mashine building, steel industry, forestry, chemical industry, underground building, warehousing activities, logistic enterprises, in the production of building materials. The specialists of our plant consider individual needs of a customer, specifics of the production processes, infrastructure

Our company also has experience in supply of metal constructions: farms, the I-beams, links, constructions, eaves, etc. The certified laboratories of the factory provide the incoming inspection of materials and gradual quality control.

All production is certified by the Russian State Standart System.

Product delivery is maintained in many industrial centres of Russia and CIS countries.

Кранстроймонтаж. Производство кранов