About the enterprise

OOO KranStroyMontazh occupies a strong position on the Russian crane market for more than 45 years. The enterprise, located in the city of Vologda, is one of the leading companies that produce material handling equipment in the Northwestern region and the only manufacturer of gantry cranes in the Vologda Oblast. Gantry cranes supplied by OOO KranStroyMontazh are equipped with cutting-edge components and control systems that guarantee the successful 15-25 year maintenance, depending on operation modes.

Gantry cranes, manufactured by KranStroyMontazh, are a steel lattice structure, designed for long-term service, easily adaptable to changing operation needs due to its module construction. The crane construction ensures its torsional and high bending strength, as well as its low power consumption.    

OOO KranStroyMontazh does its best to suit a wide variety of applications, production process specifics and infrastructure location. Gantry cranes are used for maintenance of open warehouses and loading platforms, installation of precast facilities, equipment, and industrial enterprises, waterworks maintenance, and reloading of large containers and long goods.     

        Our crane has a number of benefits, such as:

• a lattice design of a gantry crane with its relatively little overall weight allows for minimal windage in case of maximum safe working load provided for the entire length of a bridge, and minimal energy consumption during the crane movement;

• a crane design provides the maximum use of a production area;

• a load hoist and crane movement mechanisms are high-speed; they ensure high productivity of cargo handling operations;

• robust construction and mechanisms of a crane ensure the simplicity and ease of installation and further maintenance, as well as the lower cost of servicing and operation;

• a crane is set up by a team of specialists, thus the service life of a crane is extended due to correct and qualitative installation;

• availability of crane components allows for the production of high quality anti-corrosion surface protection;

• no special training of the personnel is required, as the electrical diagram to control crane mechanisms is reliable and simple;

•a gantry crane has a closed room with electrical equipment, thus its electrical parts are protected and its maintenance is simplified;

• a cabin of a gantry crane is characterized by good visibility and ergonomic convenience for mechanisms management.


 Gantry cranes, manufactured by KranStroyMontazh, are of the following modifications:

  • gantry cranes of general purpose;

  • grab cranes;

  • container cranes;

  • magnetic cranes;

  • magnetic-grab cranes.


Overhead cranes

Overhead cranes include the following:

• Top running cranes: bridge cranes, which supporting structure is fixed on an overhead rail track above.

• Underhung cranes: run on the bottom flange of the crane runway.