Company’s mission

Company's mission is to produce high-quality equipment which will exceed our partners' expectations in functional characteristics and reliability, making our customer's labour easier.

We not only produce the cranes but also make the labour of our customer's factories easier.

Our principles:

  • Decency
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Respect for traditions
  • Trust and responsibility
  • Balance and professionalism

Director of the company Vitaliy Smirnov:

"Our goal is a modern machine building factory with a wide range of the crane production,and also an all-cervice crane building factory with reputable technical experts and high standart service.

We would never allow ourselves to produce cheap cranes at the expence of quality. The quality of our production is highly important for us as well as the opportunity to produce cranes that will work for a long time in service for our partners."

Commercial director Eugeniy Aphoninsky:

"We not only sell our product, but also provide high-quality and high-technology equipment to our customer. It qualifies technological production cervices, that are in accordance with state standarts and technical conditions, that response all the standarts of safety and reliability.

At the pre-project stage we help to choose the most suitable parameters of equipment, at the stage of production we provide complete control of incoming matherials, component parts and inner technological processes. We help our partners with delivery and installation of the equipment and provide technical and guarantee maintenance and service during the exploitation."