Gantry cranes, produced by KranStrojMontazh

Козловой двухбалочный кран, г. Канск
Козловой двухбалочный кран, грузоподъемность 20 т Монголия
Козловой однобалочный кран, грузоподъемность 10 т Екатеринбург
Козловой двухбалочный кран, г. Красноярск
Козловой однобалочный кран, Светлогорск
Козловые двухбалочные краны
Мобильное перегрузочное устройство
Полукозловой кран, Монголия, 5т
Легкий трубный козловой кран
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Gantry cranes by KranStrojMontazh have a steel lattice construction with high resistance to the torsion and bending qualities. The life expectancy of the cranes is more than 15 years, they could be adapted easily to the exploitation changes. Production is regulated by Gost 27585-88, 7352-88 and ISO 4301.

Gantry crane characretistics:

  • The working temperature is from –40° С, the non-operational temperature is from –50° С
  • Handling capabilities up to 50 tons
  • The lenghth of the beam – up to 32 meters
  • The lifting heighth is up to 14,5 meters
  • Working console up to 10 meters
  • Movable and stationary cabin

Field of usage

Gantry cranes are used:

  • In metal warehouses
  • in wood warehouses
  • At timber harvesting areas
  • At woodworking enterprises
  • In the pulp amd paper industry
  • In chemical industry
  • In metallurgy
  • At building subway lines vaults and tunnels
  • At railway deadends

In addition, our cranes are equipped by hanging magnet or motor grapple load for deep works without expanding the boarders of a dug area.

Our plant produces gantry cranes of 2 categories: one-beam and two-beam.

Light one-beam gantry cranes up to 12,5 tons

KKL cranes are used for load operations in the open air or inside. The crane bridge is made of an I-beam. A telpher with carrying capacity up to 12,5tons is used as a loading mechanism.

One-beam lettice gantry cranes up to 20 tons

KK cranes are used for loading operations in the open air or inside. They are equipped by a hook, a grapple or a magnet. The equipment works with loads up to 20 tons.

Two-beam lettice gantry cranes up to 50 tons

KKD cranes are used for complicated operations in the open air or inside. They are equipped by a hook, a heavy grapple or a spreader (automatically as well). Our equipment works with loads up to 50 tons. KranStrojMontazh  offers the cranes with one or two loading mechanisms: substantive and support.

Our cranes could be divided into the following categories:Our cranes could be divided into the following categories:

  • General purpose
  • Grapple
  • Container
  • Magnet
  • Magnet-grapple

Extra equipment that could be implemented on our crane is: semi-automatical clamps, cable drum, cabin air-conditioner.

Electrical equipment

Gantry cranes are completed with specialized electric equipment at the customer's request. It is settled in the protected from outside influences hardware closet. We offer the following kinds of electrical equipment:

  • Motoreducers for displacement of the crane, cargo trollies and the lifting loads drum, produced locally or imported.
  • Frequency regulators could be chosen be the customer. They are produced by Schneider Electric, Mitsubishi, SewEurodrive, Simens or other low-budget variants, produced by China and Russian plants.

Gantry cranes by KranStrojMontazh for a term of three months. We control the quality of our finished products and all the components. We give a warranty for 24 months. Our qualified installation staff will install the crane in accordance with stipulated deadlines.

Choose the experts and you will receive a high-quality service!

We carry out maintenance and repair of gantry cranes

We install the radio control on gantry cranes

We install the frequent control network on gantry cranes

We install the monitoring system



Technical characteristics
Technical characteristics Significance
Handling capabilities from 5 to 50
Lift height from 6 to 14.5
Drop depth, m from 0 to 20
Inset, m from 10 to 40 m
Cantilever inset, m from 0 to 10
Crane base, m

from 10,66 to 15,08

Crane dimensions, m height from 14,5 to 17
width from 12,5 to 17,03
length up to 66
Pressure on the road wheel, kH from 120 to 300

Working mode according ISO 4301/1

from A2 to A6
The type of the crane rail R43, R50, R65
Crane control a movable cabin, a stationary cabin, a hanging remote control, radio control

The type of the current conductor

a cable drum, a cable carbin, a trolley current conductor
Lifting equipment a hook, a grapple, a spreader, a magnet
Temperature range from -40°C to +40°C
Allowable wind speed working mode – up to 14 m\sec
deactivated mode up to 27 m\sec

Seismicity of an installation district

to state-6